Financial Planning for Business Owners, High Income & Trusts

We are Financial Planners for Business Owners, High Income professionals, and trusts.
Financial planning helps you to gain clarity over your money. Focus your assets and income for the maximum impact and long-term security. We aim for your financial freedom.

Woodruff Financial Planning are award-winning Independent Financial Advisers, based in Colchester, Essex.

We are financial planners and independent financial advisers, based in Colchester, Essex. We work best with Business Owners, High Income Professionals and Trusts & LPAs. We offer a different approach to financial planning and wealth management and focus on much more than just your finances. We help you become financially free so you can reach your full potential, achieve your goals and help you live the life of your dreams.

Other financial advisers focus on technical details of solutions that they offer. At Woodruff Financial Planning we believe that you would rather hear about how to make your dreams and goals for the future a reality.

We focus on your life before your money. Our goal is to bring you prosperity not products.

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What our clients say about our financial planning service

Financial Planners who are there for you

It is such a relief to have someone who knows what they are doing to help with investments and planning for the future. Woodruff Financial Planning have really thought about their business and how they want to look after their clients. From remembering what you like to drink at meetings to supplying comprehensive information, from simply keeping in touch to advice on how to answer difficult questions on official forms, Woodruff Financial Planning are ‘there’ for you. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Liz Kotarska, East Bergholt, Suffolk

Determination to keep in touch

One of the things which I feel sets this firm apart from others is their determination to keep in touch regularly, and they not only arrange a yearly review to ensure that everything is still as we require, and our aims are unchanged, but we also receive quarterly updates of how our portfolio is performing. Perhaps most importantly they pre-empt any potential concerns we may have, when any upheavals appear in the markets, by explaining what they mean and what the likely outcomes might be. As a result of all this we feel confident that our retirement funds are in good hands, and that we do not need to worry about our future with regards to wealth management.

Chris Crace, Colchester, Essex

They answer questions before they are asked

No question of mine has been too daft for them to answer, and Woodruff’s quarterly reports often answer questions before they’re asked. The personal service is terrific; I’ve recommended others to Woodruff Financial Planning and it’s just lovely to receive a hand-written ‘thank you’ card for doing so.

Peter Bigg, Coggeshall, Essex

Clearly explained and easy to understand

I can’t recommend Woodruff Financial Planning highly enough. They are a small independent company who give honest advice and who take excellent, respectful care of their clients. I receive regular updates on my financial position. Everything is clearly explained and easy to understand, and every decision I take is followed up to make sure that I continue to be happy with it. I have worked with other financial planners in the past and none of them hold a candle to Woodruff Financial Planning in terms of good sense, knowledge of the financial market, sound investment strategies and customer care.

Jan King, Wivenhoe, Colchester, Essex

My financial planner has a trustworthy quality

My financial planner has a trustworthy quality and made me feel comfortable when I wanted to ask further questions, whether that be over the phone or in a meeting. I am happy with the service overall and would recommend Woodruff Financial Planning to friends and family.

June Grierson-Rickford, Braintree, Essex

Control over our finances

Very friendly, practical, honest and realistic. You helped us control our finances and also many aspects of our future and are patient when things need explaining again. Woodruff Financial Planning have been of enormous help.

Robert Whittaker, Canterbury, Kent

“You keep things simple, explain things clearly, and do not use jargon.”

“You are always on hand to answer questions promptly.”

“You have a personalised and very knowledgeable service. We trust your advice.”

“It is good to be able to speak to someone rather than an impersonal approach.”


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Welcome to our Prosper service.

Our goal is to help you achieve your full potential using our award winning financial planning and wealth management services.

We believe that everybody deserves to live a secure and fulfilled life and this belief is what our Prosper service was built around.

The service focuses on three main areas… 

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Our Prosper service is designed to help you gain complete clarity over your present and future financial positions. We use our planning software to show how different scenarios will affect your long-term security.



By developing a comprehensive Financial Plan, we enable you to take control of your finances and focus on getting you to your goals as quickly as possible.



With a Financial Plan in place, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your money is being looked after by regulated experts with a track record for growth and a genuine dedication to customer care.


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Financial planning – your questions answered

What is financial planning?

Financial planning allows you to understand how your money is likely to change in the future. We start by assessing your current financial position. We can then use sensible assumptions about how the future might change, so that you can examine what might happen in the future. The financial planning process gives you clarity over what is happening in your financial life right now. Financial planning also allows you to understand what might change in the future. This allows you to see the path you are on, so you can improve your lifestyle, either now or later. A financial plan also allows you to understand where you might have gaps if something goes wrong. For example, we might examine what happens if you lose your job, get sick, a partner dies, or investments underperform. Therefore, financial planning helps you to cover all possible future risks. A financial plan also helps you to focus your resources so that you can improve your future. For example, you can examine possible changes so you can visualise where taking action now could have an improvement later on. We used various financial planning scenarios to show you the impact of these planned changes, so you can make considered decisions.

Where do I start with financial planning?

This depends on your own personal circumstances. Fundamentally, financial planning follows a practical process. You need to gather information to understand your position and then examine the future outcomes that might happen. You can do this yourself, but people use our financial planning service when they have more complex needs. In particular, we work closely with business owners, those with high income, and trusts. These clients have particular needs, and face risks which mean they get better results from a financial planner. There are important elements to financial planning such as controlling your budget, setting aside cash for emergencies, tax planning, investing for the future, and protecting your lifestyle. Each area is individual, so working with an experienced and professional financial planner helps you to ensure that you do not make mistakes.

What are the common principles of financial planning?

In general terms, everyone should examine the following principles of financial planning:

  • Control your budget
    You cannot control your financial planning without having a grip on your budget. Good financial planning means understanding the relationship between your income and expenses. Only when you can reliably spend less than you earn, after tax, can you then take other actions to improve your future security.
  • Set aside cash for emergencies and projects
    Good financial planning requires that you prepare for what might go wrong. You should set aside enough cash to cope with unplanned emergencies (which will always happen when you least expect), as well as future projects which you know will happen. This step allows you to avoid taking on expensive debt or undoing longer-term plans to cope with short-term issues.
  • Protect your lifestyle
    Your financial security often depends on the income of one or more people. It makes sense to consider insurance to cover you or your family against illness and death. In our experience, most people have less insurance than is required. A financial plan will show you the implications of this issue should the worst happen.
  • Pay off debt
    Any debt held by you is someone else’s asset. That means they are making money from you, and this holds back your future financial planning. Sensibly, you should work hard to pay off debt as soon as possible, as it can be difficult to be financially secure if you do not take this step. Good financial planning does not men paying your contract on time. Instead, work at reducing your debt as soon as you can.
  • Save and invest for the future
    In some ways, this step is the last priority of financial planning. However, the earlier you can start, the more compound interest can work in your favour. Investing for your future can be complex, so a professional investment plan can help to take the guesswork out of your future.

Of course, by working with a professional financial planning firm you can be sure that each of these areas will be covered.

Can I do my own financial planning?

Of course you can do your own financial planning, since the principles apply to everyone. Many people prepare their own financial plan, and this can work well. Clients tend to seek out a professional financial planner when they have less time or complex situations. These people want to ensure that they do not make mistakes with their financial planning. Ask yourself whether you have the skills, experience and knowledge to deal with your particular situation.

There are many financial planning books that can help you to get started with your own plans.

How much money do I need for financial planning?

This depends on the financial planning service offered. We work with High Income clients, who typically earn more than £100,000 per year (often much greater). Our average client portfolio is around £500,000 although we do work with lower amounts if you are prepared to pay for the comprehensive service we offer.

Who do you work best with?

We work best with High income clients, business owners and trusts. We specialise in these categories because we believe we have the skills and understanding to represent them the best. We believe that you work best with a financial planner who knows the issues you face, so it is usually best to deal with a specialist rather than someone who does a bit of everything.

Dan Woodruff. Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager, Colchester, Essex

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We focus on so much more than just your financial planning. We aim to help you reach your full potential, achieve your goals and help you live the life of your dreams.

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