Inflation and investments

inflation and investments May 9th, 2017 by Dan Woodruff

Inflation is rising in the UK, mainly due to the fall in the value of Sterling and rising oil prices. Inflation rises mean that goods cost more to buy. As a […]

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5 ways to guarantee retirement insecurity

5-ways-to-guarantee-retirement-insecurity November 24th, 2016 by Dan Woodruff

You have some very important decisions ahead if you are about to retire. This article examines the 5 biggest risks to your retirement plans. Or to put it another way: […]

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How inflation hurts your savings

How inflation hurts your savings - we compare bank accounts vs inflation November 15th, 2013 by Dan Woodruff

I was in my bank the other day so I took a look at the interest rates they were paying on savings accounts. It was not great reading – 1.59% […]

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How to choose a retirement annuity

How to choose a retirement annuity July 3rd, 2013 by Dan Woodruff

This article explores how you can choose a retirement annuity and will help you to make decisions about the options available to you. There are many options when considering a […]

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Investing for income in retirement

January 30th, 2013 by Dan Woodruff

If you are approaching retirement, or are already retired, this article could be for you. We examine investing for income in retirement. Key points: The problems when investing for income […]

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What was the best investment in 2012?

January 11th, 2013 by Dan Woodruff

If you are thinking about investing some of your money in 2013, you may ask yourself ‘what was the best investment in 2012?’ This article aims to show you what […]

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Holding too much cash in your bank account?

October 30th, 2012 by Dan Woodruff

It’s obviously a good thing to have lots of cash on hand. You can easily get your hands on the money when you need it, and at least it won’t […]

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Inflation eats your investment growth

February 29th, 2012 by Dan Woodruff

This post is part of a series on investment theory and philosophy. Inflation and investment management Inflation has an underestimated impact on investment returns over time.  Often people focus on […]

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Financial planning and inflation

February 21st, 2011 by Dan Woodruff

Inflation is a big part of financial planning, since it is one of the biggest reasons why people do not achieve their long-term goals.  Inflation is the general increase in […]

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