Investment Management

We helped a couple to obtain security in their investments, giving them more money to spend while avoiding costly investment mistakes.

“I value and trust the personal service delivered by Woodruff Financial Planning. They are on hand whenever I need them to discuss the best options for me and my business. They manage my investment portfolio professionally and comprehensively, delivering regular updates and meetings to discuss investment strategy and progress. My investments have consistently risen in value registering an average increase of over 8% per year in the last 4 years despite the difficult trading conditions. I have no hesitation in recommending Woodruff Financial Planning to other would be clients.”


Previously, the couple had managed their investments on their own in an ad hoc way, investing according to articles in the weekend newspapers and on the recommendation of their bank. They initially felt that they were not making the most of this money, and wanted someone to review their situation from an expert viewpoint.

Until this point they had been accumulating money, but they were conscious that at some point they would want to start drawing on the money they had saved.


The clients’ assets were invested in a diverse set of products, so the first challenge was to access all the information on these investments. Because they had previously managed the investments they did not have all the details in one place.

Our approach:

We started by asking the clients a series of carefully crafted questions designed to establish their investment experience and needs.

From these answers we were able to start to discuss their ultimate requirements. It was established that their main concern was to secure their capital and to avoid costly errors with this money. The y were keen to grow their money in a cautious way, but would like to start accessing income from these investments in a few years when retirement approached

We helped the clients to understand their investments and how they fitted together, and then produced an analysis of their situation which showed room for improvement with their current strategy.

We analysed their attitude towards risks, and explained the theory behind this so that they could take investment decisions safe in the knowledge that they knew the best and worse case scenarios.

From there we used our professional research capability to create a bespoke portfolio designed to meet their needs, and also recommended a suitable product to give them flexibility.

Outcomes and Impact:

The clients were able to take some important investment decisions to secure their future, and understand their situation. We managed to simplify their product mix, but create a more stable platform with their investment decisions. This gave them a better chance at achieving the growth targets they had set, and helped them to avoid the costly mistakes in their past.

Continuing Support

Each year we schedule an investment management review with the clients to analyse their investment portfolio’s progress towards their goals. This includes an easy to follow report and a meeting to discuss this information. This review enables us to keep them up to date with their investments and to control the risks taken while helping them to grow their assets.

We also provide quarterly valuations on their investments so that they stay up to date with the value of the money no matter what the investment circumstances.

What our clients say

“Woodruff Financial Planning communicates with me frequently.  They have helped me to build investment decisions in logical steps. I am happy to recommend Woodruff Financial Planning, and especially the Investment Management and financial service you offer, to anybody who is deciding if this is a good idea or not. In such circumstances, where something changes quickly, this assurance and personal service comes into its own.”