Business coaches

Do you want to develop closer links with other professional firms, which offer services to similar clients?

We work with Business Coaches who are interested in the following goals:

  • Marketing
    Getting more profitable clients.
  • Fees
    Working together could help you to improve your profit margins.
  • Service
    By working together you could deliver more value to clients.
  • External threats
    There are always threats from competition and legislation.
  • Income
    You could generate more revenue via introduction fees or reduce costs for your clients.

Who we work with

We work with business owners and professionals looking to secure their financial independence. We find that clients typically come to us when they are considering exiting the business, and need to develop a strategy for this, or to find out if they have enough money to retire. Our Financial Planning service gives them the confidence to work out whether they have enough resources to retire. This service works very well in conjunction with your expertise in building a business for a sale.

Case studies relevant to business coaches

Want to learn more?

Contact us to discuss how we can work together, or take a look at our Financial Adviser Evaluation checklist. This will help you to evaluate whether your potential or existing Financial Adviser relationships match up to your expectations.