We charge you for our time, financial advice, research and expertise just like any other professional service.

We agree our financial adviser fees with you in advance, so that you can be sure of the cost to you, regardless of how long the work takes. Check out our article: How much do financial advisers charge?

Benefits of a fee based approach:

  • Get advice, not sales
    You don’t want to be sold to. You want to get the right advice for your circumstances, not your advisers.
  • Cut out bias from your decisions
    Fees mean that we truly work for you, so that we get paid the same regardless of the recommendation made.
  • Get the best product for your needs
    You can be sure that there are no hidden charges.
  • Clearly see how much we are paid for our work
    We declare our position so everything is out in the open.
  • Larger investments greatly benefit from this approach
    For those making larger investments we will take a smaller proportion of your investment than most advisers as our fee will be based on the work, not the size of the investment.
  • Ongoing reviews

If you select an ongoing service our fee will pay for our time and advice to you.

Financial Planning and Investment Management

Our initial meeting  is free and without obligation on your part.  Once we have discussed your requirements, we will be in a position to advise you of our initial and ongoing fees.  If at this point you feel that you do not want to take the matter any further we will return any confidential information to you if required. We typically find that our initial fees are much lower than most other financial advisers since they tend to take higher initial fees. We want to work with you on an ongoing basis, so we typically charge much less up-front, but slightly more ongoing; in return we provide you with more service than most other firms.

Fee structure:

We charge an annual fee for our award-winning services subject to a minimum charge based on your needs.  We ask you to pay the first year fee at the start of the process and then charge a monthly fee towards future reviews.  This comes with a guarantee that if you no longer feel that our service is of value to you, then you can cancel the ongoing charges at any point without penalty.

We offer flexibility in how you choose to pay us.  You may decide to pay from the products we manage, or by a monthly standing order or by a combination of the two.

Click here to view specific detail on the charges relating to the following services:

Financial Advice

We agree the cost of the work to be done before you commit to our services. This fee is payable whether or not any products are purchased; we provide the advice and expertise, along with unbiased research.

Fee only

If you select this option, we will take no commission from the contracts recommended, and you will benefit from lower product costs.

Deduction from product

We can deduct our fees from the product arranged if this is more convenient to you. The cost is the same whichever method you choose.

Alternatively, where allowed for certain products like insurance, you can ask us to accept commission from the product to offset our financial advisor fees. You will be liable for the balance of fees less offset commission.