Secure your financial future. Live your dreams.

What do most people who come here really want to know?

Most people want security for your future. We provide you with the tools you need to enable you to secure your financial future. Once you are sure that your financial future is secure, then you can start to work on living the best life you can. We call that living your dreams.

We do this by taking you through the process of Financial Planning. This is how we can help you to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Planning helped me to retire
Retirement is most agreeable – it’s so nice to be doing things that I find rewarding, and I find that at the moment I have no regrets and that Monday morning is met with a smile rather than a sigh!

Stephen McClure, Colchester, EssexFinancial Planning and Investment Management client

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Our business has been running since 2003. We are award winning Certified Financial Planners (CFP), Chartered Wealth Managers (Chartered MCSI), and Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). We are members of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our focus is Financial Planning and Investment Management.

Certified Financial Planners are more highly qualified than the majority of Independent Financial Advisers. Our focus is on the fundamentals of Financial Planning, and not so much on products.

The Chartered Wealth Manager qualification is awarded to senior members of the Financial Planning profession, and is broadly equivalent to a post-graduate degree. It provides a sound grounding in economics and interpretation of economic statistics, financial statements, investment analysis, portfolio construction and applied wealth management. To be able to hold this qualification also requires the demonstration of rigorous ethical standards.

We work with you over the long term to achieve your goals and help you deal with each stage of your financial life. 

Why are we different?

We believe that you have a responsibility to live the fullest life you can. That means securing your future so that you can then focus on achieving all your dreams while you can enjoy them. We don’t want you to work too long, and we don’t want you to provide a legacy after you’re gone – we’d rather you saw the benefits of your assets now, rather than after your death. You can live the best life you can by getting to financial independence as soon as you can. Find out why this is important to us by reading our story.

Planning, not products

In the past financial advisers used to focus on products because that was where the money was for them. They tried to demonstrate their value by informing you about all the technical details.

Do you really care about products and all the technical details? What you probably want to know is whether you can do the things you want with your life and not run out of money.

We help you to focus on your fundamental financial position, so you can understand where you are going. Once you have this understanding you can start to work on securing and improving your future.

Products may fit into this analysis, but only as a solution to a need identified in the planning stage. If you don’t need a product we won’t recommend one.

Regular service

Some financial advisers promise regular service but don’t always deliver it. This is reflected in the way they charge for their services – by charging high up-front fees and therefore having less incentive to provide future service.

Our award-winning services  are built around regular contact and reviews. We follow the same processes at each review whether it is the first one or the tenth. This means you get a consistent approach each time. Because our services are recurring, so are our fees. We charge the same up-front as we do for regular service, because we deliver the same service each time.

As a financial planning client you would get the following contact from us each year as part of the service fee.

  • Financial plan and meeting
  • Investment plan and meeting
  • Quarterly valuations of your investment portfolio
  • Quarterly contact to discuss your progress
  • Regular newsletters on topical issues
  • Contact as necessary on issues which concern you

Specialist services

We specialise in the needs of our typical clients, and build our skills and services around what you need.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning allows you to examine all your options so you can be sure you understand your finances. We aim for financial independence so you can do the things that are important to you without ever running out of money.

Investment Management

Investment Management allows you to understand and keep up to date with your investments. It also keeps your investments within the risks you are prepared to take, while aiming to maximise the growth or income within those limits.

Our company values

We use the following list of company values to define how we make decisions for the benefit of our clients and staff:

  1. Trust
    Trust should be the cornerstone of your relationship with us.  We understand that you will be giving extremely confidential information to us, and we place great importance on this. To us, trust also means that we will look after your best interests at all times.
  2. Fairness
    We realise that we are in a privileged position and make a commitment to act with fairness towards you at all times.  This also applies in the other direction, so we aim to have a relationship which recognises the needs of both sides so we all feel we are dealt with fairly.
  3. Integrity
    We adhere to a strict moral code, and will never step outside of that.  You can be sure that we will uphold what is right at all times.
  4. Dependability
    This means never letting you down.  We will be a reliable source of support for you, whenever you require it.
  5. Teamwork
    We see our relationship with you as working in a team.  We will take responsibility for our side of the relationship, but we also need the same from you. Also, you should expect that our working style will mean that you come into contact with various members of our team, who are each there to cover your specific needs.
  6. Consistency
    We feel that you want to know what to expect from us at all times, and we set up our client relationships on this basis.
  7. Truth
    We will be honest with you, even if that means having a difficult conversation.  Sometimes we might need to tell you something you don’t want to hear, but we believe that it is better to face up to such issues.  Occasionally things go wrong, and we will do our best to deal with such issues as they arise rather than hiding from them.
  8. Family
    Our business is a family business and we place this at the core of our values.  We know the importance of cherishing our family, and will apply this to our approach with you too.
  9. Open-mindedness
    We don’t believe that we know it all, and are always open to new approaches and ideas.  This means that our services will change and adapt over time to do the best for you.  We will also present you with some new concepts and we hope that you will be open-minded to listen to such ideas.
  10. Making a difference
    We want to be an important part of the community as individuals and as a business.  One example of this is how we facilitate our staff to regularly give up their time to get involved in charity work, and to organise a large civic event for the town. Also, we believe that our services will make a huge difference to your life.