The benefits of Investment Management

Do you want…

  1. Security in your investments?
    Investment Management helps you understand and control risks. If you take too much risk you may lose money; if you take too little risk your savings will be eroded by inflation. You may put off making decisions, which could hold you back.
  2. To avoid costly mistakes?
    Investing can be complicated and you may be concerned about losing money. We use the latest tried and tested advances in investment theory. We are experienced experts in investment portfolio building and ensure that your decisions are considered and appropriate.
  3. To have more to spend on the good things in life?
    Your investments are probably central to your future prosperity. Investment Management provides you with a way to make the most of these assets over time so you can focus on enjoying the benefits of your assets.
  4. To make your life easier?
    We keep things as simple as possible. We take away the hassle of all that detail and leave you to get on with your life, safe in the knowledge that a trusted expert is keeping an eye on things.
  5. To understand your investments?
    We help you to take control of your decisions by aiding you to understand your portfolio. We are also on hand to provide you with expert opinion whenever you need it.
  6. To stay up to date?
    It is important to stay up to date with your investments since you want to avoid any nasty shocks later. With Investment Management you get annual reports and review meetings, as well as quarterly valuations.

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What our clients say

“As a busy business owner I value and trust the personal service delivered by Woodruff Financial Planning. They are on hand whenever I need them to discuss the best options for me and my business. They manage my investment portfolio professionally and comprehensively, delivering regular updates and meetings to discuss investment strategy and progress. My investments have consistently risen in value registering an average increase of over 8% per year in the last 4 years despite the difficult trading conditions. I have no hesitation in recommending Woodruff Financial Planning to other would be clients.” Read more testimonials.

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