Financial Planning – how it works

  1. Initial meeting – Understanding you
    We need to understand what is important to you, and what your primary goals are for the future.  Most people have not defined this, so we spend the first meeting asking some smart questions to get you to think about what you want from the rest of your life. This session is valuable to you since it will help you to focus on your priorities.  For us, it will enable us to start building your plan so you can start taking control over your finances.The first meeting is completely free, and you are under no obligation to us.In this meeting we will help you to understand how our service can benefit you, but won’t expect you to sign up to anything until later. After the initial meeting we will send you further details on how we can help you, as well as the contracts for our services.
  2. Second meeting – Information gathering
    This meeting will start with a review of how we can help you, and we will explain our fees to you. Once you have decided to take up the service we will start a comprehensive data analysis of your current and future spending patterns.  We will also gather any technical information we need on your existing financial products and other assets.
  3. Third meeting – Presenting your financial plan
    We will present your current and future financial plans to you. We use state of the art software to evaluate your financial life now so you gain knowledge of how your choices will impact on your financial future.  This will give you a greater understanding of the implications of your financial decisions and start you on your journey towards financial security.  This is a highly collaborative and interactive stage which allows you to be at the centre of your financial decisions.As we discuss your plans, we can make changes and assess alternative scenarios so that you can immediately see the implications of different routes towards your goals.Once we have agreed your strategy we will prepare a written plan of action.
  4. Putting your plan into action
    Only when we have set out your financial goals can we set about recommending an investment management portfolio or setting up other financial products. In fact it is quite common at the end of this review not to have to put in place new products because you already have the correct assets in place.We would then go through a rigorous research process to ensure we recommend the most appropriate products and providers on the market.
  5. Reviewing your plan
    We schedule at least an annual financial planning meeting to regularly review your plan and your current circumstances to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your goals.

What our clients say

“Retirement is most agreeable – it’s so nice to be doing things that I find rewarding, and I find that at the moment I have no regrets and that Monday morning is met with a smile rather than a sigh!” Read more testimonials.

Free initial consultation

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Watch the video on our free Financial Planning guide:

Dan Woodruff of Woodruff Financial Planning explains about our free guide to financial planning, and how this can help you plan your future.